Control your emotions through your Breath

Photo by Max van den Oetelaar from Unsplash

What stays with us till the day we are alive? Is it the body, mind, or anything else? Materialistic things cannot stay with us every time. Friends and Family will not be around us everywhere. Then what is that which never leaves us, and we should take care of its importance?

It is our breath. We always have heard this suggestion, “Take care of your health,” or “Health is wealth.”

I agree that there are so many ways to live a healthy life. We should decide which way to choose and stick to that religiously. Some people take care of their food, some take care of their exercise and some just live happily and do whatever they want. Every approach is fine if we do it consistently. Nothing is wrong. But there is one more factor we should be aware of and that is our breath. We know that whatever we do, whatever we feel or whatever we eat, our breath is always along with us. The rhythm of the breath always tries to tell us son many things. Try to remember those times, when you felt bad, and at that time, how was your breath? The times when you were happy, the rhythm of your breath was different from usual. When you were excited, then also the breath rhythm was something different. The moment I am going to share here is the most noticeable moment. Think about the times, when you were climbing the stairs or the mountains, then the rhythm of your breath was not normal at all. And then, the moment you got relaxed, your breath came to normal, and you felt relaxed and alive.

This means every time your breath tried to convey to you the feeling of your deeper self. Try to listen to that.

Whatever you are doing, your breath indicates that. You can use your breath to feel whatever you want to. This means, right now, your emotions and actions are controlling your breath especially when you are not aware. But you can also use your breath to control your emotions and actions. Trick your breath. Take charge of your breath.

Remember, when we feel anxious, we breathe heavily, and then, if we start doing some mindfulness by controlling our breath, we automatically feel relaxed. The anxiety disappears. At that moment also, you were controlling your breath to control your anxious emotion.

Therefore, Try to use your breath in your favor.



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