Don’t feel Insecure: Make Universe your friend

Leave the Insecurities behind.

I am the kind of person who loves to be close to nature. I traveled a lot during my Ph.D. journey. Sometimes, I rent out a room in the locations where the owners have beautiful backyards, and other times, I was at the places where it was difficult to find a single room even. During the ph.d phase, I wanted to feel calm and relaxed. I always try to find the green locations. I always felt discomfort if no such place is around me. Then, one day, I had given deep thought to my comfort or discomfort phases. Something good came up after investing a few minutes in it.

I realized, that we as human beings are part of the universe. We all, living as well as non-living beings, share the same five elements (Panchbhuta) but yes, in different-different proportions. We all are connected and can take help from each other whether be it a human, plant, tree, or animal. We all are connected.

We, all are part of the universe and share the five elements but in different-different proportions. Therefore, we all are connected.

Then, I realized, I don't need my personal greenhouse, backyard, or anything like this. I had given input to my mind that even the society's or city’s park is my park. After that phase, whenever I visited any temple or any park, I thought of it like I am exploring my own place and that thought filled me with ample comfort and happiness. This way, the insecurities related to any foreign place disappeared from my thoughts.

Even now, when I travel to any place which is foreign to me, I just visit the nearby park, and local markets, and I don't feel like I am a foreigner there because trees are the same everywhere as they provide me the good oxygen. What else do I need.

This approach has changed me a lot and filled me with gratitude as well as security.



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